Friday, March 2, 2018

KCDC x RVCA Skate Night Recap


"A Match Made for Skating" 

Last month, on Valentines Day, we hosted our annual skate night, which doubled as our first annual skate night with RVCA at Rough Trade NYC, and if you didn't blew it!  Drinks, skateboards, live music, speed dating, ping pong tournament and a couple of security issues included all contributed to a very memorable night.  Our boy Brandon set the mood on the turn tables while everyone barged the mini ramp built by Pat Smith from Coda Skateboards.  Upstairs, Jenkem Mag held sign up's for Speed Dating while participants battled each other in a ping pong tournament.  Our friends from the band Slashers closed out the night with a heavy set that fueled the energy in the room, eventually leading to someone trying to drop in off the balcony.  Once he got kicked out of course someone else had to give it a go!  Security wasn't having it but all in all what else do you expect when theres a mini ramp in a room full of skateboarders?  Huge thanks to everyone who came out.  Also big thanks to RVCA, Jenkem Mag, NY Skateboarding, Slashers, Rough Trade NYC for helping make this happen!  We had a blast and we hope you did too!

Check the photo recap below provided by our friend and photographer Cornphoto

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top Five - 90's Skate Parts

Here's another installment of Top Five from your favorite shop dude. It's video parts from the 90's. Here are some of my childhood favorites. I owned these as a kid and watched them over and over. Hope you enjoy! 

1) Goldfish: Intro (Not really a part but always loved it)


2) Eastern Exposure 3: Donny Barley (My woodward counselor and favorite skater)

3) Welcome to Hell: Jamie Thomas (BEAST)

4) Mouse: Guy Mariano (Had the white VHS of this video)

5) Feedback: Chad Muska (This one always got me psyched)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

KCDC Artist Collaboration

Koji Yamaguchi x Nathan Hutsenpiller
for KCDC Skateshop

Here at KCDC we have always worked with local artists to help and support our amazing skateboard community!  In October of 2017 we held an art gallery at the shop in which local Japanese artist Koji Yamaguchi and KCDC Shop Manager Nathan Hutsenpiller produced some collaborative work.  

Koji is a Brooklyn based Japanese artist who more recently has been painting landscapes of skateboard spots around New York City.  His work is a very interesting new approach to street art.  He takes what he sees in front of him and weaves it in to his drawings and paintings.  Whether its trash he finds on the ground or something straight out of his imagination, his creativity is on another level!   To learn more about Koji and his work, visit his website!

Nathan is a Florida native who transplanted to New York City back in 2008.  Skateboarding, like many others, inspired him to pick up a camera.  He's been part of the KCDC family for the past 3 years and uses any excuse to shoot photos over any other work!  To see more of Nathan's photography visit his website.

For the collaboration, Nathan provided Koji with 6 photos that he had taken and Koji either painted or drew whatever he was inspired to do on each photo.  The finished works were amazing and we were so psyched on how everything came out!  Check out the pics below! (disclaimer: one photo is missing, only 5 pieces shown)

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Hello there fellow skateboarder or skate video fan. It's your local KCDC shop dude Tristan sharing his top five favorite skate parts of the year. I've always wanted to do a top five video list and since I'm still waiting for that Crailtap invitation I decided to ask myself do it. So here it is! Enjoy!

1)  Atlantic Drift - St. Paul's Church Spot 

2) Kader Sylla: Young Emericans B-Sides

3) Jamie Foy: Deathwish Part One - Rough Cut

4) Max Palmer: 917 Video

5) Bobby Worrest: Let's Skate Dude 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Shane Says - Entry #2

It was the last hot Saturday in October and I wanted to try my luck at barging a few runs on that pump track on Kent Ave.  There was no way I was paying $10 and waring a helmet (as I heard was protocol) so I just showed up.  The place was empty except for a few people setting up for an event so I just started skating.  Next thing I know I hear "Shane!!" It was a friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in a while.  He was now a rep for Triple 8 pads and was setting up a tent for Broadway Bomb.  I get introduced to the other organizers and the beers start flowing.  This led to a rad private session that lasted about an hour.  That's when we see the "racers" crossing the WillyB bridge.  "Here they come" says one of the organizers.  Next thing I know, a flood of about 200 skaters came through the gate.  All races, all genders, all ages.  Excluding my friends in the band Witch Slap, which happened to be playing the event, I knew nobody.  What really stood out is that nobody was riding "conventional" skateboards.  They were all longboards and crazy, straight up Mad Max, junkyard setups.  The oranizers of the event were kind enough to let me hang out on their platform as well as be a Judge of this "Death Match" style event.  More beers.  As comical as some of these boards were, either the bottom scraping the ground over every hump or deemed too long and not possible to ride on the track, the spirit and energy of skateboarding was still there!  Collisions, high speed chases and a super enthusiastic crowd that contributed to a very awesome atmosphere.  It was a good day.   

So remember, next time you see that kid with dread locks and weed spandex with the "kook" board, they most likely love skateboarding as much as you.  Thank you Broadway Bomb and thank you skateboarding!  See you next year at the finish line.                                                                   -Shane Medanich

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

adidas Alltimers Collection

adidas x Alltimers Skateboarding Collection Pt. 2

Back at it again, adidas and Alltimers have introduced a new capsule with an apparent vintage gym feel to it.  The capsule includes a hoodie/sweatpant combo, long sleeve tee, t-shirt, Campus Vulc sneakers and a gym bag.  The whole collection not only has that retro look but is designed to look and fit "broken in".  Not only made for skateboarding but eco friendly cotton was sourced for the apparel.
Available now in shop or online at


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Barbara Kruger NYC x Volcom

    Legendary artist/designer Barbara Kruger has a new installation this month in Manhattan.  Paired with Performa and Steve Rodriguez, Barbara wrapped LES Coleman Skate Plaza with her classic white Futura font on red background (commonly mistakenly referred to as Supreme font, check the facts kids).  The installation at the skatepark is part of the Performa 17 Biennial, set to take place November 1st - 19th at various locations in NYC.  Check the video below to learn more.